A few time ago, after being very busy at work during for a long time, I decided to take time for myself and get back to personal projects, the best way to have fun creating beautiful and “unbriefed” stuff, learning by challenging myself and collaborating with interesting people.
This time I started this new project with the car of my dreams… A beautiful Porsche 911 Carrera 4S to tell a special story: Porsche Moment, the sequel of my first big personal project based on CGI photography.
In this second part, the environment is a desert and the set includes afternoon and sunset time, like a real photo shooting day, the hours pass shot by shot.
The last ingredient is the Lifestyle component, collaborating with Assiah Alcazar with a camera on his hands and Manon Lefebvre as model with her incredible staging. 
Thank you very much!
Special thanks to:
Gerard Foix
Simon von Broich
Mikel Prieto
Jaime de Diego

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